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Warehouse Motor Sales is the first of its kind to grace the Park City region with a hand selected inventory of fine automobiles. Dealing in high end consignments as well as investment grade exotics, you are sure to find some of the best examples of automotive history lining our showroom.

This project began in the mind of Jake Wolf, an exotic vehicle broker and streetwear designer with a reputation that extends coast to coast. He set out to create a dealership that houses internal combustion works of art. The Park City community is that of refined taste and this selection of vehicles was procured with sophistication and class in mind. Assisting in making this dream a reality comes Max Monahan. Max brings with him an impressive career in the rare and vintage automotive space from founding modernclassics.com to designing the show for Sun Valley Tour De Force. His knowledge of unique collector vehicles bleeds across multiple styles.

Day to day operations are handled by Ryan Hawkins, an east coast guy with over 12 years in the industry between automotive tech, consumer vehicle sales and specialty autos. Ryan brings an attention to detail and a desire to provide top level service to every client. Between everyone here at Warehouse Motor Sales, we will be able to handle any request from our members as it pertains to the sale and acquisition of unique luxury vehicles.

We can't wait to see you here.

~ Warehouse Motor Sales Staff

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